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Whether you are a child, adult or somewhere in between, diligent oral health care is vital. Knowledgeable and compassionate dentist, Dr. Hsiao Chen, and her team of dental care professionals provide outstanding preventive dentistry through patient education, strong communication, and tailored dental health services.

At Stamford Downtown Dental, our family-friendly practice is well-equipped with dental technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and treatments for you and your loved one’s smiles.  Whether you are visiting us for your child’s first dental check-up, looking into orthodontic treatment for your pre-teen or adolescent, or in need of aesthetic, restorative care, our team is here to be your trusted allies for all your oral health needs!


Committed to Optimal Oral and Overall Health for the Entire Family

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By learning the initial aspects of dentistry from her father, Dr. Hsiao Chen truly understands the impact oral health can have on overall well-being and quality of life. She utilizes this knowledge to consider all factors that contribute to oral health complications such as underlying issues, current conditions, medical history, and lifestyle choices. This allows us to craft entirely personalized treatments plans that are as unique as your smile.

Our top priority at Stamford Downtown Dental is to provide comprehensive dental care services that address the needs of the patient and their families’ smiles of every age.

Creating Trust Through Patient Education and Strong Communication

Our Fairfield County dental team considers your questions, concerns, as well as your goals and aspirations,  to include you in every aspect of your treatment. Initializing your tailored plan with a consultation, involving an in-depth, yet gentle examination of your current oral environment, we use this opportunity to properly educate each patient on the importance of optimal oral health.

With the help of our advanced, in-office dental technology, such as digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, we provide you with a clear and accurate picture of your current dental state as well as any potential warning signs we uncover. This allows us to keep patients actively involved with their oral health.

Caring for Patient Smiles of Every Age

Dr. Chen and her team strongly encourage patient education, as it is pivotal for long-lasting smiles of every age, especially in young children. We emphasize patience and compassion when educating children and parents alike on how to care for their developing smiles properly. We understand that an unfamiliar environment can contribute to uneasiness and fear in children. Therefore, every member of our team strives to help patients feel at home as they learn techniques for optimal oral health. We use child-friendly language to excite your child get about their dental care. For growing smiles that have signs of decay, our practice offers enamel-colored fillings and cavity control through fluoride treatments.

To further protect your teens’ developing smile, we can assess their need for orthodontic care, provide retainers for post orthodontic treatment. We also provide night guards to halt teeth grinding and clenching, and sports guards to protect smiles during physical activities.

For our adult and senior patients, we conduct an open and honest discussion that allows us to craft personalized and successful strategies for addressing oral health concerns and preserving optimal well-being. Complications such as decay, discoloration, infection, certain medications, and missing teeth can greatly affect both dental function and aesthetics.

We aim to take a comprehensive and focused approach by providing quality gum disease maintenance, cosmetic, restorative, and preventive services to address smiles affected by many years of wear and tear.

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